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About Us

We started as a paper and plastic recycler during 2005 in North Carolina, we entered scrap metal and junk cars recycling during 2010 since than we have grown ourselves with adequate knowledge of environmental and compliance recycling techniques.

We moved to the DMV area during 2015, the idea was to grow our operations in size and capacity. Rockville Metals was started on the E Gude Drive to recycle scrap metal and junk cars, looking at the potential in the junk car recycling business Karville trade mark was registered to segregate junk car business from scrap metal trading.

Karville (We buy junk cars)
801 East Gude Drive
Rockville MD 20850
1-833-Karville (833-527-8455)
Ph: 301-417-8136
Fax: 301-417-8139